Top 5 Actors without Oscar Nominations

I’m obsessed with Oscars. Really I don’t know why it’s like a gold star for hollywood, validating whatever craft you do. They’re meaningless, but it’s always a good feeling to have one of your movies or writers get a nod from the Academy. The criteria is who got snubbed the most basically. It’s not best actors it’s who should’ve had the award by now.

5. Michael Pena

I love this guy. Every time he’s in a movie he is great in it. A lot of character actors get type casted due to race, like George Lopez, and end up playing the same character over and over again. Michael Pena brings a different charisma to every role he’s in. Seemingly being able to switch from Comedy to Drama from movie to movie. He even starred in two movies that won Best Picture.. Back to Back. I’m waiting for this guy to really take a role that makes people take notice, he deserves the attention, he has put in a stupid amount of work.

What He Could’ve Won:  Best supporting for Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Observe and Report

What He Should’ve Won: 30 Minutes or Less

4. Andy Serkis

I haven’t seen a whole lot of his work, but just with his work with Peter Jackson alone he needs to have gold. He specializes in Motion-Capture and physically acting out computer generated creations. King Kong, Gollum, and recently Cesear from Planet of The Apes reboot. I’m not sure how much work the animators put in, but he is mesmerizing in his performances. The only problem being he’s not using his voice a lot, although he almost got nominated for an Oscar for Gollum, so hopefully the Academy will wise up.

What He Could’ve Won: Best Supporting Actor King Kong, LOTR, Rise of The Planet of The Apes.

What He Should’ve Won: A Special Oscar for his CGI work

3. Joseph Gordeen Levitt

This guy done blowed up, you can’t get any more successful as an actor, working with Nolan twice and then playing a young Bruce Willis. He’s been acting since a kid and he recently has starred in a string of great movies in the past year alone. Him along with Chris Hemsworth are redefining what it means to be an action legend. With Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Premium Rush, and Looper he’s starred in more good movies then veterans like Stallone. Just like Chris it shows you can do action, but make sure it’s worth it and memorable. This guy should’ve been the next Spider-man. Aside from that he is brilliant, and has the screen presence of a veteran.

What He Could’ve Won: Best Supporting Inception, Best Lead 50/50

What He Should’ve Won: Best Lead Looper

2. Bruce Willis

The OG. Bruce Willis is on some what of a comeback, even though this guy has not gone anyway ever. But Looper, Moonrise Kingdom, and the new Die Hard movie nobody asked for, we might see him get it this year. There are so many roles Willis has made iconic. There’s no denying his acting ability, and he has a screen presence like nobody else and probably starred in more great movies then any other American Actor I can think of. There’s too many great roles to even list.

1. Sam Rockwell

This is probably the most underrated actor in cinema right now. He’s capable of being scary, funny, and captivating. He always seemed like he was just a step away from being the Award Darling, like a Brad Pitt or Matt Damon. Too many great movies, and once he breaks through, he’ll be getting awards left and right.

What He Could’ve Won:   Best Supporting Actor, MatchStick Man

What He Should’ve Won:  Best Supporting Actor Seven Psychopaths, Green Mile, Best Lead Moon



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