An Awkward Evil Dead Review

I’m going to say something that I think nobody is willing to admit or accept.  The original evil dead is not a very good movie.  There’s great atmosphere and cinematography , and really laid down the ground work, but overall it’s gory and over the top in a way that’s slightly entertaining, but not in a way that’s taken as far as it can go.  Same goes for the original except this is actually a pretty decent movie.

I’m along with everybody else when I say I hate unnecessary remakes.  They suck there’s no effort, and they seem to keep coming no matter the varying levels of success.  My only problem is that once we get a remake that tries hard people say it’s copying the original.  I’ll address everyones complaints right now.  This is an Evil Dead remake.  An evil dead movie is 3 completely different things. It’s a screwball horror comedy, a traditional horror movie, and whatever the fuck you call army of darkness. Now the first evil dead movie was not a comedy, and was very straightforward.  This is clearly aiming more for this aesthetic and on that level it works.  Another complaint is it borrows too much from the original.  While it definitely rides the line, everything feels in place.  There’s no moment where the movie completely stops so the audience can acknowledge the references, but there are times I wish the remake could deviate a little. But what makes the remake win is it’s iconic imagery separate from the originals.

The last major complaint I think is bullshit is the whole “no humor”.  The original Evil Dead was a cheesy horror movie, and i’m not sure it’s intentional, not to mention Evil Dead 2 is a remake of The Evil Dead.  I’m pretty sure the sequel to Evil Dead will really take advantage of this premise and go full retard.

To get into the positives this is a good remake and everything I want to see in a horror movie.  Decent set up, Good death scenes, atmosphere, etc. The first thing the movie does is establish why these group of teens would stay in this cabin.  The biggest obstacle this movie has is not even the original trilogy. It’s Cabin In The Woods.  But it passes the “why don’t they leave the house” test with a B minus.  The characters never do outright stupid things, and most of the time I would see myself making the same choices.  The gore is pratical make up and it’s badass, and the imagery in this movie is fantastic. Basically everything was put in place to make sure this wasn’t a piece of shit and they succeeded marvelously.

Now to the negative.  The lack of character development and story progression really makes this feel like a straight to DVD movie.  Now had this been a straight to DVD movie it’s with the best of them, but everything happens so fast, there’s never a real pause to get to know the characters.  Also the movie unfortunately follows the whole characters die one by one formula and it really takes some of the bite out of the movie when you can tell someones going to die.  I would’ve been a lot happier had they had it as a sort of siege movie where you don’t know whose going to die and everybody goes through hell by the end of the night.  The dialogue is flat at the worst, and this really could’ve used a punch up. 

All in all this is the above average horror movie.  I told myself as long as it’s as good as the original it’ll be fine.  It’s somewhere between Evil Dead and drag me to hell of my favorite evil dead movies, but i’m sure the next one will go fully stupid and give us the movie we really want to see.


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