Why Everybody Should Be Pissed At Marvel Right Now

I’ve just done a whole lot of raving and praising Marvel for the past week.  Saying how great it is, and how it’s the best Film Company in the business, and they went and really ruined all that goodwill I previously had.  Kevin Fiege The head honcho at Marvel has always been one of my favorite Studio Heads.  He’s the only guy I see out there doing press conferences, promoting the films, keeping us fans up to date and begin honest with us.  Basically if I see Kevin Fiege at a bar, i’m buying him a drink. Marvel takes a lot of risks with it’s choices and it pays off.  

Now I feel personally betrayed, because I have invested a lot of time and money into The Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I’ve seen every single Marvel movie in theaters, bought half of them on Blu-ray, kept my friends updated so they’d see the movie, i’m very much a fanboy without the blind rage.  I can admit when Marvel drops the ball, and usually Kevin is right there with me.  The reason Ironman 3 is the way it is , are the complaints from Ironman 2.  He listened to us fans, and delivered on all the complaints we had.  So once again the problem is that Marvel is basically Man handling it’s actors.  It’s almost like when you give money to somebody to buy food, and they go buy something they don’t need.  I’m supporting you because you’re a great company who takes care of their actors.. Boy was I wrong.

Marvel has always been very penny pinchy.  Robert Downey Jr, was allegedly only payed 2 Million for Ironman.  Now at this time Robert Downey Jr. was sort of like Mel Gibson or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Nobody wanted to touch him because of his drug habit.  He was uninsurable, but Marvel took the risk and Ironman was a hit.  Now Terrance Howard was promised 8 Million for Ironman 2, but they only wanted to give him 2 Million.  Maybe a bad long term move, but I can understand why, that’s a huge dip in pay, and you’d think after making a half a billion dollar movie you’d want to keep all the chips in the basket.  So they recast.

Now, fast forward 5 years.  Robert Downey Jr. is pay 50 Million Dollars.  Why is that not a lot of money?  Because This whole franchise, which is on it’s why to beating Harry Potter for most money grossed, is on his shoulders.  He started it from the ground up and with Robert there’s no Avengers.  Not to mention the Movie made over 1.5 Billion Dollars.  Marvel should make sure all their actors are happy.

Well, it turns out Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are about to walk away from the franchise because Marvel is being too tight pocketed.  Now Chris Evans has never been a big star, but he only got a 1 Million dollar raise from the Avengers to do Captain America Winter Soldier.  Which is frustrating , but understandable he seems like he’s doing it for the fans more at this point.

Robert Downey Jr. is also up for a renegotiation.  Personally I don’t want an Ironman 4.  I’ll go see it, I’ll love it, but if there is one i want it to be natural. Like maybe an idea hits Drew Pearce and he writes another script on his own and it’s fantastic.  Now I love RDJ. He’s my favorite actor, but I can understand maybe not wanting to give him 50 Million a movie.  They’d make it back obviously, but that’s a big chunk of money.  So if they Recast RDJ, I can’t be mad at either parties.

Once again you’ve got Chris Hemsworth, somebody who showed up for work, and embodied Thor.  Nobody else could play Thor like he did, once again Marvel hit the proverbial Jackpot.  But Thor is no Ironman or Captain America.  Chris literally has to be hulked out to play Thor.. well not literally, but you get my point.  So this man who probably hasn’t had a carb in years from playing this character, is only getting a 500.000 pay raise.  This is what pisses me off.  The way the world works is, when somebody does work above and beyond, you compensate them accordingly.  Marvel wants to be cheap and is threatening to recast him.  This is where I draw the line. Chris Hemsworth is on his way to becoming the next Stallone or Schwarzenegger or even Nathon Fillian or Bruce Campbell.  He has made excellent career choice after excellent career choice, starting with a Star Trek Cameo, then Thor, Then Cabin in the woods, then Avengers.  So not only is he a rising star, but everything he’s in has been a finacial hit or a geek property.  I am truly disquieted by the cheapness and a lot of other fans are as well.

The plan I think right now is that Renner, Johannsen , and Jackson are pretty much nailed down.  Mark Ruffallo is under contract so he’s pretty much stuck as well, and Evans is under contract, but he’s in danger of leaving, and the two biggest are Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.  They’re negotiating the contract right now and I think RDJ’s terms is to take care of Chris Hemsworth so that he gets fair compensation for his work.  So once again it’s Robert Downey Jr. , whose Sherlock Holmes series is easily just as lucrative as the Ironman series, to try to get something worked out.  They can recast one member, but there’s no way they’ll find somebody to replace Hemsworth And Robert before they start production in Feburary.  I hope this all gets worked out so i can start liking Marvel again.


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