Game Of Thrones – Why It’s Not As Good As People Say

Game Of Thrones is that show that everybody and their grandmother like to watch every time it comes on.  It’s epic, it’s got drama, boobs, sex, and violence. Just like any other HBO show.  I was watching Season 2 and i found myself totally uninterested in what was happening. For the so called Greatest TV Show Ever it had completely lost me and I was utterly bored in it. Now I’m  not going to call the show overrated it’s got fantastic elements and this might be just those “only relates to me” type deals that said I’m going to list my problems with Game Of Thrones.

Season Structure

We all know how a season works. It’s a collection of episodes that tell a large story that usually ends in a cliffhanger that starts the next season off.  That being said GOT is just one continuous story.  There’s no long lapse of time as soon as one ends the next begins.  So I’m guessing they’ll use the 10 episode structure, but it feels like they end out of nowhere.  Since it’s one story GOT arcs can last over several episodes, and the seasons sort of mash together without any discern-able difference.

A Season should have a continuos buildup of tension and elements should weave together and converge on one event. It should have set up, build up, and pay off to every single subplot in the show. Instead it just feels like they end whenever they feel like it without concluding those story arcs. Which brings up another problem.

Character Arcs and Story Arcs

Now I’ve never read A Song Of Fire and Ice so this could be purely a problem from the source material, but one of the things I find frustrating is character and story arcs that don’t’ conclude inside of the season they’re introduced. None of the characters feel any different from where they started, none of the story feels complete by the end of a season. Most of the scenes with characters are set up for something that likely won’t pay off until after the next two seasons.  Not to mention when they do end it’s never all that compelling. The episodes don’t even end with very interesting cliffhangers, meaning for me there’s no urgency to tune into the next episode. The arc is usually move from one location interact with another one of the principle cast and then end up in a different location.


This is a personal point. Some people like when movies or shows take their time and sit around thoughtfully, but I don’t. I think you should show what you need from a scene, show some character development, and then move on.  Sometimes it feels like padding out the episode, but it makes every other scene feel dull and uninteresting. It’s got good dialogue, but not good enough that I want to sit and watch two characters talk to each other about nothing important to the plot.  Speed things up I mean that in story progression, scene progression, story passing, EVERYTHING.

Too Many Damn Characters

Now I’m almost 100 percent sure this is a carry over from the book, but there are too many characters in this show. It feels like there might be over 100 characters I’m supposed to know and remember the names too. It makes it utterly exhausting for me to try to pay attention because of how much memory it takes to be fully aware of what’s going on.  Since there are so many characters they don’t get developed and they all feel like minor characters.  Not to mention they don’t change at all. They may switch appearances, but in the end they are exactly the same as when the season started.

Story Progression

This is my biggest and ultimate complaint.  The story goes absolutely nowhere. It’s called Game Of Thrones and so far there’s only been one throne change as far as I’ve seen. To give a perfect example of why the show doesn’t work for me is that we’re introduced to mysterious creatures in the wild in the very first episode.  We don’t get to actually see them until the end of the second season. That’s the most obvious example I could think of, but a show like Breaking Bad changes dynamics every season.  Game Of Thrones Season 2 still feels like Season 1. There’s not a whole lot of change in the story.

The average season long story arc for Game Of Thrones is about 2-3 episodes on another show.  This is the weakest aspect of the show and this is a big problem when watching the show all at once. I tried to plow through half a season in one day and I became utterly frustrated. This is definitely one of those shows you watch 1-2 episodes at a time.

How To Fix It

Let’s Just hope this is a problem with Season 2. I actually thought season 1 was fantastic and worked a lot better then season 2 so let’s hope that’s the case. Maybe the show would do better to varying up season sizes to fit how much they want to adapt so they can complete more arcs. Still a cool show I hope it gets better for the third Season.


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