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Fixing Franchises – The Fast and The Furious

Next to the Aliens and Evil Dead Franchise, The Fast and Furious movies are very much inconsistent. The First one is a pretty straight forward action movie, The second one is much more dumb and over the top, The Third one Tokyo Drift is absolute shit, and the Fourth one is a cop thriller with cars.  Now my absolute favorite is the pinnacle of stupid fun, Fast Five.

Fast Five is a badass movie, it’s got charismatic characters, badass set pieces, hot ass women.  Normally I’m very cautious to approach these type of movies.  Dumb Fun has to be inventive and creative, not just dumb dumb.  That’s the difference between Bad Boys 2 and Transformers 2. One is dumb on purpose and the other one had no choice.  This is one of the few times I can look at the flaw in the movie and either laugh at them, or roll my eyes and laugh at them, resulting in the ultimate theatre experience in which I regret I was super in. Admittadly this should’ve came out before Fast Five, so I guess technically this is Fixed Franchises.

Keep Old Characters

The Power of any franchise is it’s characters. While it could be potentially corny looking back at the franchise the characters are actually pretty well defined and developed oddly enough.  Well, at least from the main cast the side characters aren’t , but Every character that’s been on the box art from the previous movies are really cool characters.  Tyrese , Ludacris, and the asian guy are all really welcome returns.  Keep the old characters in as to avoid franchise overload, because they’re making about 10 of these movies.

Introduce New Interesting Characters

Dwayne Johnson is not one of my favorite actors , but he never disappoints.  His introduction really nailed the aim the franchise was going for and actually gave the movie a decent villain and sense of threat. As Cheeesy as the guy is he’s a brick house, and if he punched me I feel like I’d turn to jello.  Keep that up, introduce more characters to beef up this franchise, when you really think about this series is the equivalent of the Avengers or Ocean’s Eleven, so new characters is the fuel.

Make A Good Villain

Now this is my only complaint about every movie in the franchise. The villains are generic and ass.  Aside from the Rock, which we all kind of knew wasn’t that bad of a guy, the villains are not very memorable.  They need an A-list actor to come in and soak up some scenery and really give the movie a sense of a threat.  That way there’s still tension when they’re on the screen as opposed to just a sense of fun.

Keep it an ensemble

Ensembles make the best movies.  That’s why Avengers is better then The Dark Knight, that’s why Toy Story is better then Shrek, That’s why Lord of the Rings is better then Harry Potter.  The team dynamic is tricky, but if pulled off gives a sense of fun and charisma to any movie.  This movie is the pre avengers Avengers.  Not to say it comes even close, but it still can with the sequel if it makes the team a bigger deal.

Don’t go darker go dumber

Now let me be clear, if this movie wants to go darker that’s fine, but people confuse dark with gritty and realistic thanks to Nolan.  No dark means introspective and grim, upping the stakes.  Now if you want to give every character a personal demon and stretch the limit to which they stay loyal to the team, DO THAT. That’s actually what I’d love to see.  But don’t make the mistake of killing off a character because as much as I praised the characters , I really couldn’t care less if one of them died.

Now if they can strike that balance of more personal turmoil and dumb shit I’m all for it. Basically make a good movie or make a dumb movie.  But either do both or do them right. Fast Five was a great stepping stone.  As much as people complain about rehash in a franchise it took a complete Left Turn, and once again delivered fan service in a way that actually help told the story.

I want it to go Full Retard.  I want the next one to take place underwater with underwater cars. I want the one after that to take place in outer space. After that they should have a crossover with another dumb ass franchise like Step up.  Go Full Retard. Give us what we want, I want the feeling of intoxication when I leave the theatre due to the amount  of pure visceral thrown at me. Fast Five was just the tip, but take me there Fast and Furious I need that.


5 Reasons Ironman 3 Could Make a Billion

This will be my most biased article ever. I think Robert Downey Jr. is the most versatile and talented actor working today. The fact that this man can get nominated in black face really shows how compelling he is and his screen presence. I think literally every other role he takes is Oscar Caliber which is something I can rarely say about a block buster actor. Ironman is my favorite Superhero, Ironman is my second favorite movie only behind Avengers. But Biased aside, Ironman really ushered in a new wave of Superhero movies.  It’s also a really reliable franchise, but not something that completely breaks the box office bank , like Lord Of The Rings, Spiderman, or a number of other geek properties.

But this year wishful thinking tells me that he might just hit that Billion dollar mark.  It doesn’t matter the movie will make money, it will more then likely be great, and possibly even better then the avengers.

Lack of Immediate Competition

Ironman 3 has two full weeks of no real domestic threat of competition. Of course Star Trek 2 will be coming out another great geek property, but Billion dollar movies happen because of repeat business. I saw The Avengers and The Dark Knight twice in theaters.  That means geeks can not only see it twice in one weekend, they have two whole weeks to gear up for Star Trek 2.  If I was Marvel and Paramount I’d market the fact that these two geek properties are lined up. ” Get Ready for Star Trek 2 , by watching Ironman 3″.

Even more so most billion dollar movies don’t make their money domestically they make them oversees.  Ironman is coming out a whole week earlier in other places to soak up that International Foreign money.  It worked for Amazing Spiderman which didn’t get completely squashed by Dark Knight Rises by coming out early and making it’s money internationally.

First Out Of The Gate

Studios are getting smarter, they know the best time to release a summer block buster.. is anytime but Summer. Sure you have your Dark Knight’s which can be released any time, but a lot of box office titans are released slightly before summer, August, Christmas , or before Oscar Season.  Thor and Fast Five where the first out of the gate and both exceeded expectations.  Avengers was the first movie pre summer and killed the box office and poor Battle Ship, and Dark Shadows.

Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert is still one of the few actors who have a reliable star power and box office draw.  Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, and Jim Carrey three box office titans are only as strong as their franchises now a days.  Channing Tatum is the only other guy who really brings people in on name alone, and he doesn’t have a single movie over half a billion while RDJ has five.

3D and IMAX

If I honestly sat down with myself and said, how much do you honestly think Ironman 3 is going to make I’d say around 700 – 800 Million. They say the 3D bumps up the average ticket cost by 20 percent.  That means for every say Hundred Million you get an extra 20 Million without fractioning in IMAX and other factors. Not to mention Inflattion, Ironman 3 has a really big boost, as a billion dollars is meaning less and less ticket sales now a days.

Franchise Power.

Avengers was a super hit , and now everybody and their son daughter grandmother, wants more Avengers.  Ironman 3 is the closest people are going to get to another Avengers.  Not to mention that Ironman was a huge success. Rules of franchises go the first movie makes the least amount the second movie, if good, makes a significant amount.  The Dark Knight franchise went from 400 Million to one Billion, by having a good sequel.  Ironman 2 of course wasn’t perceived as well as Ironman 1, and therefore didn’t have the sequel jump in box office that Lord of The Rings and The Dark Knight had.

But there is a silver Lining.  After making a sub par sequel if you make a really good second sequel it makes a lot of money SkyFall for example.  Haters of the second Ironman movie will love this one and Fans of Ironman will also come.  They bank double. Not only that, the marketing is really pushing this Ironman as darker and more serious.  Almost to say “That last movie sucked but we got this one right”. Some peoples complaints about Avengers, which where unjust, was that it was a kid’s movie.  Here comes Ironman 3 looking all dark and stuff.  Not to mention they have a new director and writer who both have a built in fan base in Shane Black and Drew Pearce.  Not to mention the Disney Marketing Machine, which has been going crazy over the past month, even I’m getting a little tired of the constant tv spots. Just Kidding I love each and every one of them.

The biggest factor of course will be word of mouth, which nobody can really forecast or foresee.  Something Tells me not only will this be the best Ironman movie this might just end up on every bodies end of year best lists.

The Walking Dead – Why It’s Not As Good As Everyone Says

In the past 5 years there’s been a surge of great television shows that have come on air.  These shows are generally enjoyed by everyone and are epic in storytelling, have great acting, and ridiculous production value.  Breaking Bad, BoardWalk Empire, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones.  But one of these doesn’t belong.  While I admit it’s not the worst show in the world Walking Dead is easily the most overrated show I’ve ever seen.

It’s only mildly irritating that the show is #1 in America or close because certain dumbasses act will give that as a reason that it’s a good show.  American Idol was #1 for years that’s clearly the best show in television history according to these Walking Dead enthusiasts.  I like to think Walking Dead is considered great for two main reasons.  One, it’s about zombies.  It’s pretty hard to fuck up a show about zombies, and they’ve come close several times, they bring in their own audience and tension.  The next is admittedly the first episode.  The first episode is fantastic.  It’s so good the rest of the season, which was solid at best, got excused.  Now people can like anything.  I used to tune into Jersey Shore.  My problem is when somebody uses “best” as opposed to “favorite”.  When you say best that means that you’re putting it up for debate.  People are so hyperbolic about it and i don’t understand it.  I’m going to tear the walking Dead a new asshole and hopefully open some eyes.

The major problem overall is the writing.  The direction of the shows is usually pretty decent, the cinematography is great and very atmospheric , once again very hard to fuck up a post apocalyptic zombie show.  The acting is pretty good, not on par with Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones but still just one notch below except.. The writing.  I’m convince the people who write this show are complete and total idiots.  The dialogue sucks, the arcs suck, the pacing sucks.  Now I’m going to be clear.  The third season of the walking dead is actually pretty decent and is definitely on it’s way to becoming a good show.  It’s so close, I it mine as well be that show.  But that’s one good season one mediocre first season and the second season is the worst season of television I’ve seen since the 5th season of Dexter, also ruined by bad writing.

The Characters

Now zombies aren’t the most interesting thing about a zombie movie or tv show.  The most important things are the characters, and the location of where they’re holed up.  Zombies aren’t an immediate threat. They’re are a gradual threat.  They’re an impending reminder of doom.  So while Zombies are cool, what makes a good zombie story are the people that are trapped and their dynamics.

First let’s talk about the characters that are underwritten.  A good show knows how to focus on it’s minor characters and make them interesting while not giving them a lot of screen time.  T-Dog is completely and utterly useless throughout the series. He doesn’t contribute much other then diversity.  The other characters I can’t remember their names which only proves my point that the characters are boring as shit. What’s worse is that certain characters are only as interesting as their weapon.  Everybody loves Daryl, but he’s given next to nothing to do and like most characters is completely worthless in the second season.  Daryl is the guy with the crossbow and Michonne is the chick with the sword.

Characters that are overwritten.  Now there is a such thing as overly developing characters.  That means a character is given so much to do it contradicts their other traits or stretches them out too far.  This is when characters become overly dramatic, have too much to do, and approach being annoying.  Lori comes to mind as begin pregnant, having a subplot with Shane, having a sub plot with Rick, being the mediator of the group, and being the damsel in distress.

And the characters that are annoying as fuck.  The thing that makes a good horror movie is when people are driven to make tough decisions similar to what the audience will do.  This make the audience worry and adds more tension.  The opposite is when characters constantly do dumb shit the audience wouldn’t do.  I have more main examples. Lori, Carl, Michonne, and Andrea.   Now Carl was annoying because the kid couldn’t act and was constantly in trouble.  I wished for him to die every time Lori’s ho ass asked “WHERE’S CARL”.  Lori on the other hand was a complete and total bitch.  She’s manipulative, stupid , not helpful, sexist, ineffectual, indecisive, etc.  She tells Rick to kill Shane and then is surprised when he actually does it.  Now a good tv show would have had her say ” I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it” But no this bitch starts acting like Rick is the worst guy in the world.  She’s the one thing pretty much everybody agrees was the worst thing about the entire show.

Next is season three, which almost immediately tried to fix the holes it dug in the first season.  CArl is now an effective member of the team, and Lori is hated by Rick and hates herself as much as we do.  Now enter in Andrea, and Michonne.  Now in the second season Andrea was on her way to becoming an effective character taking care of her self and becoming ” a baddass”, but at the start of the season she’s completely as she started in season 2.  All the training in season 2 doesn’t pay off, because now she’s the ditzy blonde.  She mine as well tie her hair into ponytails. Her character is so annoying fans of the show are sending her death threats.  Fans of the show are the biggest dickriders of any other property I can think of and they hate her so bad they’re willing to kill the actress. Point Proven.

Michonne has to be my least favorite character on the show. ” >:(” that’s her expression the ENTIRE SHOW.  That bitch can’t act. I’m sorry when you make one face an entire season then you’re a bitch.  Now I know she’s harden and she survived on her own and she don’t need no man, but I’ll give a prime example of why she’s an idiot and not a strong character AT ALL.  And for all you aforementioned dumb asses strong as in balanced and proactive, not physically strong..

Michonne and Andrea both go into camp and in true Walking Dead fashion they both take different extremes.  Michonne is completely untrusting even though there’s nothing menacing or even suspect about the place, and Andrea just makes herself at home.  Now if Michonne maybe considered staying and then realized eventually it was unsafe or Andrea was nervous at first and then was persuaded by the governor to stay it’d make sense, but no Andrea can’t entertain the idea that the place has sinister motives and Michonne is already suspicious.  I wouldn’t mind Michonne not trusting except she acts like it.. She makes it so clear she doesn’t trust the governor there’s no mistaking it.  If she was smart she would’ve pretended to trust them and go around inconspicuously finding clues. Not antagonizing the governor and walking around with this face “>:(“, which immediately drew attention to her.

Alli in all the characters are just okay. Rick is great, Hershel is good, i’m sure there are a few others, but I shouldn’t be pointing out so many flaws in the character motivations for the best show on television

The Zombie Infection

I’m going to go back to basic screenwriting 101.  For something to happen it needs a pay off.  If a character is shown having a gun, they’re going to use it later.  If somebody points out a puddle on the floor that’s the set up, and if somebody comes in slips that’s the payoff.  Set up – Pay off is the most basic formula, and is essential especially for a tv show.  To give an example, tensions is mounted.  Rick, Hershel, and Shane are all bumping heads, and the group still hasn’t found the little girl.  Everything has built up to the moment before the hiatus of the second season.  Shane opens the barn filled with zombies and several things are happening.  It’s no longer Hershel’s barn anymore, The little girl is found and is killed, Rick and Shane have more unfinished business, and everybody who fights the zombies are the proactive characters and everybody who doesn’t are the more defensive and withdrawn members.  This finale is so brilliant and built up to so well, I question if it was taken from the comic books, because no other moment in the entire series matches this moment.

Now the problem is the rest of the show stuff is either set up , with no pay off or things haven’t been set up.  Daryl mentions a chapucabra.  Which is never explained or brought up ever again. Apperantly when humans are killed they come back as zombies and are already infected.  This should’ve been set up over the course of the entire second season , but only during the first episode of the first season and during the finale.

A major thing that happened that completely through me off was Hershel getting his leg cut off. Now unfortunately , there was no memory i recall of somebody being bitten on screen and transforming on screen.  I could be wrong, but I don’t’ think so.  The problem is that out of nowhere, Rick says ” We got to cut off his leg to get rid of the virus” and cuts of Hershel’s foot.  This is utterly ridicicolous, and once again needed to be explained in a previous scene.  The reason it’s important for someone to get transformed is because as an audience we can see how long it takes to change into an infected.  Shane does in a matter of minutes.  Every zombie we see is transformed when they find them.  Sloppy.

Forced Questioning of Morals

Morals are an important theme in a zombie piece.  As humanity goes on it gets less and less like humane.  It’s all about surviving.  Now, the problem is that once again characters in a horror movie need to react realistically.  There’s need to be some desensitization to match how the audience feels.  We’ve seen lots of zombie movies and horror movies , so we know when something is a bad idea or a good idea.  So When the entire group acts like Rick is an asshole for not telling them they’re infected it makes absolutely no sense.  First off Rick wasn’t entirely sure they were infected or not.  Second it doesn’t really make a difference, clearly since it really only affects the person if they’re dead, therefor rendering it not a big deal.  The group should’ve been more worried then angry at Rick.   But no everybody acts like they betrayed him, trying to make him out to be edgy.  It made no sense.   Also Dale should’ve been toned down.  Once again morality will get you killed in this world, so he should’ve been more understanding, but no this guy wouldn’t shut the fuck up about what’s right and what’s wrong yadiyada .

Logic and Other Stupid Shit

This is the stuff that just doesn’t make sense or is dumb as fuck, that the fans realize is bad, but don’t really admit it.  Like the whole there can only be one black guy on the show at a time. The Fact that the group sense Glenn down a waterhole to pull out a zombie even though the water is clearly useless. The fact that Michonne is attacked by zombies after giving Rick the puppy dog eyes and then immediately says ” I didn’t need your help”.  How come rationing bullets isn’t a big concern.  How can Hershel in the finale of the second season shoot so many bullets without loading nearly everybody made jokes that he used an infinite ammo cheat.

I could go further and further, but of course that’d be nitpicking.  But once again this goes to show how un thought out this entire show is.  I can take dumb moments like this every once in a while, but once an episode is really a bit much.  This is whole heartly the problem and until they stop doing dumb shit this will forever be a series stuck in limbo, unable to develop because people are going to like the show regardless of the actual quality because it has zombies.  And of course you can argue all day long about how i’m wrong about a particular thing or make excuses, but when I’m watching Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad i don’t have those moments.  Everything is consistent and seamless and all pretty much makes sense inside of it’s universe.  And of course not all shows aren’t going to be Breaking Bad, but then these stupid fanboys need to stop calling it the best show ever.


At this point they’re on the right track.  Except for a few bumps the third season is more or less what I hope.  The team is more intelligent there’s less dead weight Carl is more effective Lori is Dead There’s a villain adding to the threat Lori is Dead There’s a new location, they episodes have better pacing and most importantly Lori is no longer breathing.  They could also go ahead and get better dialogue and hire hire better writers, but let’s be honest people love the show regardless so why bother

Django Unchained – Why It’s Not As Good As Everyone Says

Before I make anybody too mad let me say.. I don’t think this is a bad movie.  I wouldn’t even go as far as to call it overrated.  The Majority of the great things people say about this movie are true.  It’s funny, got great acting, great action, everything that comes with a Tarantino film, even the bad things associated with that.  What I’m doing is talking about the things people aren’t talking about.  But let me be clear, I really do love this movie.  I’m going to buy it on Bluray, and I haven’t enjoyed a Tarantino movie this much in quite a while. But it’s not ” The greatest movie ever made” as people like to say.

The Story

One of my main problems with Tarantino is that, while his scripts have excellent and probably the best dialogue ever written depending on your taste and preference, his stories usually don’t go anywhere.  There are exceptions, but most of the time his movies are showcases for the actors and the dialogue. Nothing wrong with that.  Except here he’s attempting to tell a pretty traditional story. And to his credit he doesn’t have as many distractions as usual.  But unfortunately the story still feels underdeveloped, and the pacing is ruined as you can’t tell where the movie is going.

Doctor Schultz says to Django ” We’re going to go to every plantation until we find them” , which gives you the sense this will be a long journey that will teach Django how to be a better Bounty Hunter, and be a buddy western.  But in the very next scene they’re already at the plantation, and 15 minutes later they have already the bounties killed.  After that we see a little of the team’s dynamic of Schultz teaching Django, but it’s mostly through a Montague.  This is the first act. After this Schultz has a conversation with Django stating their going undercover to infiltrate Candy Land.  So you get the impression that it’ll be a tense game of deception similar to Inglorious Basterds.

After that it’s the Leonardo DiCaprio show for an hour until the bullets start flying.  But there’s no real tension. It feels like a completely different movie, except for about 5 minutes, and an action scene that literally kept me smiling the entire time, until Tupac started playing in a spaghetti western, but I’ll come back to that.   Basically the first half and second half are two completely different beasts.  And both suffer.  You never really get the full feeling of the Django and Schultz team, and the second half is all talking.  Not to mention Schultz and Candie are both killed off making the hour of talking completely unnecessary.  And then when you think the ending is coming Django gets free comes back and kills Samuel Jackson’s character.  Anybody who understands film or writing knows there has to be a climax.  The big shoot out with Django could be considered the climax, but there’s no resolution at the point and it’s not built up to, and when Django arrives at Candiland there’s not really much of a threat enough to call it a climax.  There’s no third act.  I know Tarantino was trying something different, but he really shot himself in the foot.

The Humor

This is subjective to me of course, and some of the humor here was great. Whenever Tarantino writes a character he enfaces them with a lot of good jokes with the dialogue, blocking, and the way they interact with other people. Schultz kept me chuckling , and Calvin Candie was outright hilarious.

The Humor that bothered me were the jokes that felt like somebody trying to write like Tarantino.   Also the problem with trying too hard to be funny is it undercuts the weight of the situations.  Not to mention this is a film about slavery.  A lot of people commend Tarantino for ” Finding humor in such a bleak subject”, but a lot of the jokes are somebody saying ” Nigger”.  Now a few times it’s funny through Delivery, but that’s cheap and flat out offensive.

There’s also a scene involving a clan and a riff on the bags they wear.  At first it was funny, but it went on for what felt like 5 minutes.  I get he’s trying to make fun of the clan, but it was approaching overkill.  Also when Broomhilda sees Django she faints for comedic effect.

The Worst offender was when Schultz lets Django pick out a Blue Suit that looks like something Prince wouldn’t wear in public.  It’s bright blue and awkward.  Django does something that’s seemingly doing something empowering, but he has to wear a Tinker Bell outfit from his own choice.

The Colored Problem

If you talk to Tarantino about this movie he says it’s a movie about slavery.  Not really though, Roots and Amistad are a movie about slavery, this is more of a western that has mentions of slavery.  There’s discussion about it that are interesting, but most of the movie really is just a standard western.

Except for when the movie stops to talk about slavery or have a moment to show how brutal slavery is.  There’s a scene that has a man ripped apart by dogs, that doesn’t serve the story.   There was already a scene earlier that involved two black men fighting to the death.  A few characters even looked at it in shame.  Even the white character.  That scene is good because it shows that , much like with germans in Inglorious Basterds, not all white people treated black people like shit.  It also shows how cold Candie is the the watches and even enjoys the carnage as the other characters look away.  Very subtle character development and I almost feel like I’m reading too much into and giving the movie credit it doesn’t deserve.  The dog scene  Is just there to say “Wasn’t slavery bad” Wow Tarantino is really breaking new ground.  I already mentioned how the n word is used as comedic effect.

Tarantino has a habit of using the “n” word in his films a lot.  Usually it has a context so I don’t mind.  But here’s a guy who pushes the envelope on that word just because it sounds cool to him.  It’s like when a white guy asks you can he say the word and then when a rap song comes on he sings along with it and emphasizes it.  I feel like he made this movie just so he could have the excuse to use the n word so much.  I feel like any other director , black or white would’ve tried to use it when necessary to avoid ruffling feathers. It felt like Tarantino looked at the first draft, said ” Fuck Spike Lee” and added 2 extra nigga on every page.

The Tone

Once again going back to a word I learned in high school English Tone.  The overall feeling a movie is trying to get across.  At times it’s a black comedy, a western, an action movie, a heavy drama, and a slapstick comedy.  It doesn’t fit together at  all.  I’ve heard people describe this movie as having 3 parts.  They’re absolutely right and some people don’t mind.  Personally I would’ve liked for it to fit together better.

A movie is supposed to be a seamless experience.  You’re supposed to be taken into the world and forget you’re watching a movie.  To do that a movie is supposed to be consistent.  Some of the music in this movie really works.  The Rick Ross song really compliments the scene and is short. Later, in the throws of the action in the “semi climax” Some Tupac starts playing mixed with James Brown samples , it really doesn’t fit.  Once again music in a film is supposed to serve a scene and Tupac can and has worked thematically before, I think it’s unnecessary.

Calvin Candie

The most disappointing thing about this movie is how Candie is killed. First of all he’s introduced half way into the movie.  And then he’s killed before he gets to do much of anything.  Leonardo is great of course and is given the best dialogue, but just like with Javier Bardem in Skyfall due to the short comings of the script his performance is cut short.

Overall Tarantino doesn’t write a lot of character development.  He writes movies with actors in mind and then they fill it in with their own personality. Everybody in Pulp fiction were in mind when he wrote the script.  There are exceptions and when it happens it’s great.  Christopher Waltz in Inglorious Basterds is a good example.

While Calvin Candie is an interesting character, he’s not a very good villain. He’s not really a threat, He’s not all that smart, and He’s not even the head “nigga” in charge.  Wouldn’t be a problem if the movie didn’t build up to his confrontation with Django, THAT NEVER HAPPENS.  I don’t even hate him as a villain.  All things considered he was very reasonable, he has honor, and even though he executes a black person just for the sake of testing Django and Schultz, that’s not out of the ordinary for a plantation owner.  Basically his character is worthless as a villain.

The Solution

This movie could’ve been incredible had they split it up into Volumes.  Volume one could be Django and Schultz hunting the Bounties at the start of the movie and developing their friendship And Volume 2 could develop the villains as they set out to get Broomhilda.  Also Tarantino would’ve had longer to tell his story and really made this the epic that I think it could be. Overall Good Movie Just not great